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As soon as possible the layout of the development of China's 4G
4G in the end much faster than 3G? "Later this year, China Mobile will launch the TD-LTE network card, Internet peak speeds of up to hundreds of megabytes per second, is the 3G connection speed of more than 10 times." CPPCC, China Mobile Communications Corporation Chairman Wang chou case to answer.
Wang members said, as the 4G standard TD-LTE standard in competition with the foreign occupation of high ground, play the dual advantage of technology and market, the development of mobile communication should be based on our unique advantages, market size play a role in operations, drawing on the first one, two, three generations of mobile communication development lessons, as soon as possible the layout, innovative technologies to expand and enhance the international influence, global application and popularization.

According to reports, TD-LTE in the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and Guangzhou Asian Games has successfully demonstrated the industry has attracted international attention and recognition, TD-LTE International has to make substantial progress. Currently, Denmark, Poland operators have entered into commercial TD-LTE network construction contract, a number of carriers in India has issued TD-LTE commercialization plan, 2011 will be more than 10 countries and regions began commercial deployment of TD-LTE. At present, China has decided to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Beijing, construction of seven cities the size of TD-LTE test network.

How to achieve layout advance of TD-LTE, Wang members believe that, first, to strengthen industrial cooperation and to promote TD-LTE technology industrialization to achieve industry cluster development; Second, we should deepen the new generation of mobile communications network to promote the major science and technology process, and strive to TD-LTE in more key techniques to achieve a breakthrough and lead; third, the results should improve the industrialization of TD-LTE mechanisms to accelerate the TD-LTE achievements into practical productive forces; fourth, should be introduced to TD-LTE industry series supporting policy, fiscal policy, etc. to support and improve the weak link in the industrial chain, promoting TD-LTE industry guide to the scale of development.

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