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Shenzhen, China Telecom help "Universiade" build "smart city"
May 4 Youth Day of China, for college students, this is a special day. 100 days after August 12, the 26th World University Games (hereinafter referred to as "Universiade") will be held in Shenzhen, which is China's second Olympic Games in Beijing, Guangzhou Asian Games held in another world after the large-scale integrated sports event.
"3G era," the arrival of the communication technology in various major games brilliant shine everywhere. Prior to the Beijing Olympic Games, the Guangzhou Asian Games, the "High-tech Olympics", "Asian science and technology" and the concept represented by a large number of information technology applications for successful games have laid a solid foundation. With the deepening of scientific and technological progress, this year's Universiade, will also be a high-level sports and pay reflect the brilliance of modern science and technology event.

Shenzhen Universiade as the only comprehensive global information service partner, China Telecom will focus on information technology Universiade, invest 12 billion yuan to build Universiade information systems, introduction of new characteristics of the times is full of information services in order to achieve host a "more exciting, more successful, more influential," Universiade goals.

Create a "hub" - a global event system control

Large-scale international events, without the support of information systems. Universiade business and event management system, referred to as "GMS", like the central nervous system in general, early stage of preparing for the event, business event planning, event management and security when, integrated information service game when the Executive Board of the daily office, providing a full range of information technology support. The "hub" system includes eight sub-systems, all areas in the Universiade competitions play an important role.

June 3, 2009, China Telecom, Shenzhen 2011 Universiade become an integrated information service only global partners, thus beginning the construction of the Universiade communications and information systems engineering regiment. China Telecom to bear the Universiade communications and information systems engineering project construction and operation of security work, the building of communications, computer networks, event security, timing and scoring results processing, event management, nearly 100 sets of five major systems involved in the Universiade All competition venues and projects; business covering fixed communications, mobile communications, Internet access, TV signal transmission, race results system, command system events, operations support and support system, based on the number of new IPv6 next-generation Internet technology and other diversified integrated information service. This is so far, undertaken by the operator of the largest government information technology projects.

In the past more than a year, China Telecom, each person involved in the project are paid the hard work will eventually be a system containing three, three network, 56 venues, a large information technology infrastructure and information communications. " network "weaving success. Hundred days in the countdown to the occasion of the Universiade, China Telecom has completed the construction of GMS subsystem self-test, test and run into the joint protection stage. Universiade held during the normal operation for the event will play an important role.

"Science and Technology Movement" - a leading information facilities everywhere

Based on the strength of a strong information technology, China Telecom in the Universiade integrated information service established the "Technology Grand Canal, the information the Grand Canal, Grand Canal Digital" theme. Focus on the city's future development, China Telecom in building Universiade communications facilities and services at the same time, not only focus on the network itself, but the task of the Universiade and the means of modern technology and the development trend of information society combined further promote urban development, building an innovation-oriented city.

To "Science and Technology Movement" as an opportunity, China Telecom to build the next generation Internet (IPv6) commercial trial system, application platform incorporates IPv6, cloud computing, networking and many other cutting-edge technology, including wireless broadband video surveillance, Universiade Village RFID identification, mobile multimedia, multilingual information services, intelligent Universiade Village (smart home), wireless broadband shoot that pass, high-definition live matches (broadband Internet audio and video), portals such as IPv6 Universiade under the framework of the seven applications , covering 41 venues, 14 non-competition venues for the Universiade tournament to create a more convenient and efficient service environment.

IPv6 business application platform, not only the most advanced information services to achieve full coverage, so that people feel the new environment of sporting events and communications services, full of high-tech leader in the city of Shenzhen as a unique charm, and the future will become important to build digital city application of information technology systems.

In traditional business, China Telecom to provide for the current round of the Universiade Tianyi mobile communications, fixed communications, data room rental, leased fiber, line laying, venues and other services to support wireless intercom coverage. Including radio and television signal transmission for the Universiade, the introduction of the total transmission capacity of hundreds of exclusive G-bandwidth fiber-optic services to ensure that events during the transmission of television signals stability and reliability. Major venues in the media area, not only to provide China Telecom Fast high-speed wired broadband, but also give full consideration to the media personnel work habits, the introduction of more convenient broadband services on the card, providing anytime, anywhere ubiquitous "3G + WiFi" full range of high-speed Internet access.

Both communication systems or information services, the Universiade will be fully implemented digital operations, reflecting the "Digital Grand Canal," the era of technological features. In particular, is a comprehensive display system, video conferencing system will present exciting different groups of people, "Digital Grand Canal." Integrated display system helps event organizers in a timely manner, complete control of the overall process events, major events and accidents related information, by integrating all kinds of event information, equipment information and emergency plans and other resources, competition, weather, traffic, security and other event-related information display system based on statistical analysis of all types of events venues for command and decision support; video conferencing systems to ensure that decision-making during the Universiade tournament run, the real-time command and coordination, effective communication.

In addition, China Telecom has built the Universiade venues covering all fiber-optic transmission network, fixed telephone network, Tianyi mobile network, data communication network, monitoring network, wireless broadband access networks, high-grade data center services, and for the Universiade specializes in providing high standards of multilingual call center services.

"Information Grand Canal" - an interactive carnival city

Each session of the major sports event, will lead to "information explosion." In the "Information Grand Canal" in the context of China Telecom will launch a PC terminal query, mobile information search, the TV signal broadcast, mobile and fixed multimedia information kiosk technology to allow the public to grasp a variety of information anytime, anywhere, in the Grand Canal, share the Grand Canal.

China Telecom will integrate various resources, keen to capture different types of user demand for services, a series of closely integrated with the Universiade tournament information services, Tianyi 3G services, Internet value-added services business and number one hundred. For example: Universiade "mobile newspaper" that allows the public through SMS, MMS, WAP, etc. free easy real-time information about the Grand Canal; "surfing" mobile TV, you can provide CCTV and other well-known TV channels broadcast the Universiade , classic moments, behind the scenes of online on-demand and download services; "love music" for all music enthusiasts, enjoy the Grand Canal Alert listen, the song Grand Canal, Grand Canal ringtones, heat maps and other resources to download; In addition, a large number of knowledgeable transport line, through the synchronization process of providing events, tournament results inquiry Dayun information inquiry service and business travel convenient services for the public to grasp a variety of information anytime, anywhere.

After the Hundred Days, full of technology, information technology, digital elements of the upcoming Universiade. At present, China Telecom is well planned operation and maintenance of the Universiade security programs and contingency plans, and practical training through a series of test events, operations support team to improve responsiveness and service levels, during the event to ensure the security of communications and information systems stable operation.

By then, China Telecom will be the world players, coaches, staff and the tourists, the public has brought advanced, efficient and convenient information services experience; also will help information technology "smart city" construction and development of the successful practice of modern integrated information service provider's mission.

Universiade "Seven" new communication applications, "Qiangxian Kan"

China Telecom first launched next-generation Internet (IPv6) 7 Dah Sing technology business applications, so that all guests enjoy the more advanced and convenient information services.

1, mobile micro-payment

Out by public transport, small purchases of goods, with RFID-UIM enabled with mobile brush the Tianyi can be unimpeded, which has been in Guangzhou, "Wireless LAN secure way" to achieve other business. Would be achieved during the Universiade, "brush" mobile phone car, small shopping.

2, smart home

Smart home system for Universiade Village to become an intelligent plot, in which the application is very rich, remote control of various home appliances and security facilities. IPv6-based smart home, will be installed in the Universiade Village head office applications. For example, living in the country head of the Universiade Village remotely via mobile phone on room air conditioners, water heaters and other appliances, back to the room can enjoy cool; when they go out in case of heavy rain simply handling phone, you can achieve close the window without worry about the window supplies wet; smart home health monitoring system that allows players to master coaches and convenient health every day for physical conditioning athletes in a timely manner ... ...

3, shoot that pass

Facilitate media workers of a business, greatly simplifying carry peripherals, the first time photographs sent by the wireless communication mode to a dedicated server, delivery of the world.

4, multimedia information query

Information knowledgeable, providing the most comprehensive event guide service inquiries and basic necessities.

5, wireless video surveillance system

High definition wireless video surveillance, to create a more comprehensive, clearer, more comprehensive and flexible security system.

6, broadband Internet audio system

A broadband optical network based audio-visual systems, enabling Universiade video playback, on-demand self-customized services, so wonderful not to miss.

7, website image

Website information processing, a convenient service, the Grand Canal to reduce pressure on the official website data processing, seamless global IPv6 network.

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